Podcast #138: Wynton Bernard, MiLB OF, Colorado Rockies

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May 16, 2022 at 2:03 p.m. EDT

One of the most incredible stories you will ever hear in professional sports, this is the full story (so far) of Wynton's Bernard's against-all-odds, faith-filled journey through baseball. It starts with Bernard hardly having any college baseball opportunities, transferring twice, being a 35th round pick as a senior and being released after only two part-time years of pro ball. It continues with his unlikely free-agent signing with a new team followed by his stunning emergence into baseball relevance. Now playing in AAA for the Colorado Rockies, Bernard is on the precipice of getting his first MLB call-up at age 31, and it couldn't happen to be a better man with a brighter smile. You wouldn't believe his story if you didn't hear it from his mouth, so take a listen as Wynton Bernard tells his story like no one else could!