Podcast #149: Mark Van Ameyde, NCAA D1 Pitching Coach

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Mar. 14, 2024 at 1:55 p.m. EDT

In this podcast, host Jeff Stanek speaks with Michigan State Pitching Coach Mark Van Ameyde about:

  • 4:42 - the pressure that assistant coaches feel to become a head coach
  • 13:03 - whether D1 jobs are automatically better than jobs at other levels
  • 21:42 - how to network without obvious self-solicitation
  • 28:05 - how to stand out among other candidates when applying for a job
  • 33:20 - how to make a great first impression as a young college coach
  • 47:52 - what a great environment looks like within a collegiate pitching staff
  • 53:55 - how to be a coach (and a leader) and not a friend to your players

and much more!