Podcast #131: Toni Langhans, Director of Sports Nutrition, Oregon State University

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Mar. 25, 2022 at 9:34 p.m. EDT

In this podcast, we talk to one of college baseball's top nutritionists, Toni Langhans, about a ton of nutrition-related topics, such as eating before workouts, proper preparation for those early morning lifts, pre-workout supplements (should student athletes use them?), caffeine's effect on athletes, protein after workouts and as a meal replacement, what it means to "eat whole foods" and the benefits of doing so, the best time to eat pre- and post-lift, nutrition buzzwords, "food fear" in today's society, recommended sleep for athletes and how a lack of sleep has a domino effect on an athlete's day, proper hydration and what dehydration does to the body and much more!