1-on-1 Zoom Meeting

1-on-1 Zoom Meeting

Thank you for booking a 30-minute 1-on-1 Zoom meeting with one of our college coaches!

Please provide us with some information on yourself, and let us know what type of coach you'd like to Zoom with, or what topic you'd like to discuss. Examples:

- I'm a High School assistant coach and I would like to set up a Zoom call with an FIOB pitching coach.

- My son is really struggling this year and his confidence is very low. I'm hoping to set up a Zoom call with someone who can help us.

- I am 11 years old, I play Little League, and I would like to have an FIOB hitting coach look at my swing.

- I have a couple sons that play. I really want to help them improve their strength and flexibility.

Once you click "SEND," a Figure It Out Baseball representative will contact you at the email you provide to schedule your Zoom meeting. We will pick a coach with an appropriate background based on the details in your message!

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