Anthony Chomat - At Home Minimum Equipment Strength Program

Anthony Chomat is the primary strength & conditioning coach for Salem University. He oversees all aspects of the Tigers' strength & conditioning program. With this specific program, Coach Chomat has designed a workout that requires minimal equipment, and could also be done with body weight and bands -- the ideal workout for beginners, or athletes without access to a gym, weights or other lifting equipment


Joey Bergles - Advanced 12-Week Strength Programs

Joey Bergles, former Associate Football Strength & Conditioning Coach at Texas Tech University who oversaw the speed development, mobility and plyometric programming for the Red Raiders, has designed programs for the athlete who are advanced in the weight room. His programs will be perfect to implement for a High School Varsity or College baseball team.


Minimal Equipment With Percentages W/O Percentages
Week 1-4 PDF PDF PDF
Week 5-8 PDF PDF PDF
Week 9-12 PDF PDF PDF

John Norcott - Dumbbell and Body Weight 12-Week Strength Program

John Norcott is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Southwestern University Pirates where he has designed and implemented year-round strength and conditioning programs for the baseball team and all other sports at SU. Coach Norcott's strength program can be executed using only body weight and dumbbells, and was designed to fit the needs of athletes from beginner to advanced who might have limited access to weights and weight room equipment.

Week 1-4 Week 5-8 Week 9-12