If you love baseball and you dream of playing in college or in the pros, no matter your budget, FIOB can help you achieve your goals. Our ever-growing library covers everything you need, from recruiting to weight training, pitching to the mental game. And it's all available in the palm of your hand at no cost.

Figure It Out Baseball - Helping you to figure out the path to your baseball dreams, one video at a time.

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FIOB was created for one reason: To be the most complete, most comprehensive and most trusted baseball resource on the planet. In doing so, we have two goals in mind. First, we want to help young players reach their full potential as quickly and affordably as possible. Second, we want to help the people who coach these young players to know more, to understand more and to have more tools at their disposal. How do we do that? By bringing in the experts.

On this site, EVERY VIDEO comes from either a current or tenured college baseball coach, or an expert in their field that works directly with college or pro athletes. We know for informed parents and coaches to trust FIOB, providing original content from credentialed experts is the key. We've done that, and we continue to do that as you will see new videos added to the site every week, all with one objective: to make you better.

Shortly after stepping away from the college game, FIOB founder, Jeff Stanek, began to see a glaring need for more reliable and higher quality information for the global baseball community. He began to conceptualize: What if there was a website for baseball players and coaches that offered short, applicable and expert video content, covering areas such as hitting, pitching, baserunning and defense? What if this video library went one step further and provided the same high quality information on college recruiting, strength training, mental strength, compliance? And thus FIOB was born.

Relying on his experience as a Division-1 and JUCO recruiting coordinator, plus his current position as an Associate MLB Scout, Coach Stanek and the FIOB team proudly present a resource like none other in the baseball community. To young baseball players who dream of playing beyond high school, FIOB is your step-by-step "How To" manual. To the parents of these young players, FIOB is your "Baseball for Dummies" guide. To the coaches of these young and ambitious players, FIOB is your new virtual assistant coach.

Your goals are lofty but achievable. Let us help you #FigureItOut.

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