Around the Bases - Baseball Coaches Clinic & Roundtable Discussion

Jan 16, 2021 at 10:03 AM EST

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Around the Bases Schedule:

10:00am - Opening Address

10:05am - Alex Jurczynski (Princeton University)

10:30am - Joe Reina (Univ. of Rochester) and Bill Decker (Harvard Univ.)

11:00am - Greg Sullivan (Boston College)

11:25am - Jayson King (University of Dayton)

11:50am - Conor Kortmann (Babson College)

12:15pm - Todd Carroll (MIT)

12:40pm - Edwin Thompson (Georgetown University)

1:05pm - Spencer Allen (Northwestern University)

1:30pm - Roundtable with Robert Lewis Jr and Stephen Lewis

2:00pm - Closing Address